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How to clean and maintain stainless steel architectural balustrade

Periodic cleaning of architectural balustrade products and materials serves two important objectives.You perform maintenance, which means that on the one hand the life span is increased and on the other hand the beautiful appearance is maintained.


Not a single material is free from maintenance, they are low maintenance at the most. Particularly in situations where products are used outdoors, regular maintenance is required. If no or insufficient maintenance is taking place, light contamination will evolve into stubborn contamination, which in its turn will lead to corrosion. Corrosion, usually contact corrosion, affects the appearance and could ultimately also affect durability.


Industrial, traffic and maritime influences are the major culprits, as a result of which regular maintenance is necessary. The level of contamination depends on the intensity of these factors. Nature is also able to transport dirt, chlorides and iron particles over long distances. On the other hand nature also offers a helping hand to the cleaning process in the form of major rain showers. In addition to the above-mentioned external causes, choice of material, surface treatment or design errors may also play a part. Together, these factors will usually determine the level of contamination and thus the cleaning method and frequency.

Light contamination

Lightly contaminated materials can be cleaned with an alkaline agent and rinsed with water. In case of more stubborn dirt, you could use a non-scratch polishing agent. Corrosive agents should be avoided at all times. In case of a correct cleaning frequency, a simple treatment will suffice.

Severe contamination

Severe or stubborn contamination (contact rust) can only be treated by specialists. Particularly in the case of stainless steel, many regular cleaning companies do not have the expertise or the means to remove this contamination. In addition to cleaning, a specialist will also be able to restore the original gloss of the stainless steel. For more information, please contact the employees of Global Walkway Solutions Ltd.

Maintenance, cleaning and protective agents provided by Global Walkway Solutions

In addition to cleaning agents in supermarkets or hardware stores, there are also cleaning agents specifically developed for aluminium and stainless steel. Of course, Global Walkway Solutions is able to supply a number of excellent cleaning products. For cleaning we recommend our Stainless Steel Cleaner (400ml), and for corroded surfaces we recommend Stainless Steel Super Cleaner (400ml). Owners of buildings often enter into cleaning contracts, and these products can be included in the normal cleaning plan. These products can be applied by means of brushes, cloths or rags. When rubbing in the product, make sure no scratches are created as a result of dirt, sand particles and such. Abrasive, grinding and polishing agents may only be used by specialists.

See the result of our cleaning products below.

Before cleaning:
Before Cleaning Balustrade

After cleaning:
After cleaning balustrade

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